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Material thickness periodic check plays an important role in the machine control operations and maintenance activities. This step is critical in production monitoring, quality assurance and safety concern. It gives an estimation on the healthy condition of the containers and taking precautionary actions. Change in thickness can indicate wear of components, monitoring trends can point to early warning signs.

To carry out this manually, often it is required to stop the production line, which implies in process variability in start-and-stop phases. Hence, here we are with the solution of UAV monitoring without hindering the process but attending the maintenance activity accurately.

Our UAV solution carries the sensor and reaches areas where in material thickness to be measured, fetching real time data which we process and issue the actual precise information to our clients with in no time. It allows users to perform thickness inspections in more efficient, reliable and safer way.

Primary benefits:

Safe Monitoring & assessment

Decrease in cost of inspection

Imaging with detailed data

Responding to Emergency

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