Drone Services

Industrial Drone Inspection

UAV’s made it very easy and convenient in having an industrial inspections, a up-close view of your assets without ever leaving the ground. This impact is making big waves in asset management across the spread. Drones are capable of capturing clear-clarity view at height and difficult to access areas and capturing smallest of the details with ease to attain industrial maintenance activities without any hassle. Our Licensed pilots can launch a inspection within a very short time for both regular & emergency scenarios.

It makes possible for professionals to easily collect aerial data in places where it would be logically impossible such as radiation monitoring, inspecting high-voltage areas and other installations that can cause injuries or health problems. Since, most of these inspections should be captured while still in operations, a manual process would require more expensive equipment and protection gear. But to address this, we offer extremely beneficial solution of UAV inspections.


Camera- 20 MP, 4K 120 Frames

Camera- 520X640 Pixels Thermal camera with DJI Sensor for thermal inspections

Range Finder

Radiometry for live temperatures of hotspots

RGB & Thermal data, live in same aspect ratio

Data – Images as well Video

Flight Time 20-25 mins, 1 fly – 3 to 4 Blades, per blade 4-5 Mins

Flight Speed Up to 7 m/s

Transmission System BVLOS upto 7 Kms

Primary benefits:

Fast and accurate High-quality data

Reduce inspection cost

Safe inspections in difficult to reach areas

Time-time monitoring critical inventory assets

Building 3D models for informed decision making

Little to Zero downtime

10+ Years of Experience in the Energy Industry.

Completed Drone based IR thermography in 8+ States with several locations across India
Solar Capacity
PV modules
Solar Sites