Drone Services


During Site excavations, project constructions, mines, quarries, stockpiles etc it is necessary to track the work progress on regular intervals. Traditional ways of measuring the completion of work was always a tedious task and this volumetric measurement using drones has been proven to be a faster, safer and more cost effective way to calculate the stockpiles and to estimate cut-fill volumes for construction and engineering projects.

Our drone services eases this job and specialises in precision volumetric measurement. Mapping and modelling large and complex sites even in remote/no-access areas. Based upon the requirement of client we can provide ppk mapping with our commercial advanced drones which can capture 2-3cm precision data across vast areas. Using our high quality processing tools, we provide volume measurements in 3D virtual models.

Primary benefits:

Vast area coverage in less time

High-resolution orthometric data

GIS Grade outputs

10+ Years of Experience in the Energy Industry.

Completed Drone based IR thermography in 8+ States with several locations across India
Solar Capacity
PV modules
Solar Sites