Drone Services


Oil & Gas pipeline inspections are mandatory for simplifying and speeding up operations essential for the safe transportation. Also on a Prima facie, this inspection is important to ensure safety, accuracy and cost-effectiveness. Traditional way of pipeline inspections restricts a closer viewing, direct contact with toxic chemicals increasing risking factor.

Our Drone solution can easily detects spills and corrosion in flare stacks, can reach easily to hard-to-reach areas in record time, can provide performance checks within no time with accurate realistic information.

Drones application in oil & Gas industry makes exploration and production much more efficient than ever resulting as a great aid in ensuring the safety of everyone while working as a cost-effective solution .

Primary benefits:

Safe Monitoring & assessment

Enhanced leak detection & other potential problems

Imaging with detailed data

Responding to Emergency

10+ Years of Experience in the Energy Industry.

Completed Drone based IR thermography in 8+ States with several locations across India
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