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Drone Hydro wash of Wind Turbines

To have an optimum energy from Wind turbines, best option is to make turbines as available as possible to improve revenue. Wind turbine blades accumulate dust resulting in the roughness of the blade surface which can affect the turbine’s energy production. Unfortunately, during operation, debris (e.g., dirt, bugs, sea salt, etc.) is collected on the blades, thereby altering the shape and degrading the smoothness. Furthermore, rocks or other fragments may scratch or erode the blades upon contact. Therefore, regular inspection and blade cleaning is critical and serve you to maintain wind turbine efficiency.

Typically, it is performed manually by hoisting a person to a position adjacent to each blade via suspension from the tower/hub or a proximately located crane. However, this activity is highly risky, time consuming and expensive and therefore generally performed at longer than desired time intervals.

So here we come with our solution of this important activity by drones. We have customised drones to carry out this activity without any hassle at such heights effectively.

Primary benefits:

High Safety

Less downtime

Best results

High Performance

10+ Years of Experience in the Energy Industry.

Completed Drone based IR thermography in 8+ States with several locations across India
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