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With the wide range adaption of drone technology and rapid transition of power sector to renewables especially to solar industry, we implemented the drone-based thermography of field installed PV modules, image analytics and topographical inspections. Drones play an important role in the operation and maintenance of solar farms. This activity combines capturing data, thermal imaging and processing the data by our AI powered INTELLAIRE platform to identify and report module anomalies.

Drone thermography provides a low-cost, highly accurate and 100% complete picture of a solar plant, down to a cellular level, reducing the reliance on manual string measurements and random ground-based thermography to validate the electrical integrity of the solar plant.

Drone thermography can identify quality, construction, and commissioning issues at an early stage, avoiding early yield and revenue loss.

Preventive maintenance of drone-collected thermographic data:

High-quality thermographic and high definition visual RGB camera inspections, combined with our intelligent software solution INTELLAIRE , which allow you to transition towards a preventative maintenance strategy

Later these hundreds of thermographic images are stitched together to create Orthomosaic image. His image representation gives you detailed view of defects category spread across the site. It is also used to rapidly capture large areas of solar modules and will identify high impact anomalies easily also can be used in future historical data analysis.

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